Press release: DOSE, Qaelum's dose management solution, expands its reach in radiology and medical imaging departments in the UK

November 28, 2017

Qaelum NV celebrates with great enthusiasm the growing install base in the UK, with the software solution DOSE. Following recent success in Peterborough, Harrogate, Goole, District Hospital and Hull Royal Infirmary, St. James’s Hospital in Leeds, the largest teaching hospital in Europe, is the latest health facility to choose DOSE in order to optimise patient radiation dose.


Providing automated patient radiation dose management

DOSE is an automated way of registering and analysing the existing data from different sources within a medical facility (PACS, RIS). By doing so, regulated reports will provide a detailed overview of the quality of the radiology service, such as daily dose management, performance of professionals or compliance monitoring, among others. As Qaelum is committed to the principles of ALARA (“As Low as Reasonably Achievable”) and constant quality improvement, the main focus is providing automated patient radiation dose management, an assessmaent of clinical image quality and lifetime learning and development of staff. Qaelum is a medical device manufacturer adhering to ISO-13485 and ISO-14971. DOSE also has a number of certifications and quality labels including CE class IIb, CAMCAS level III (Canada) and FDA clearance for the US market.

A dose management solution such as DOSE is designed to make tasks easier for the specific interests of different professionals: radiologists, medical physicists, radiographers… It also guarantees compliance with regulations regarding protection against ionising radiation, such as the European Directive 59/2013/EURATOM.

Qaelum offers DOSE in Europe, the United States and the Middle East.

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Qaelum is a high-tech spin-off company of the University Hospitals Leuven. Based on more than 15 years of quality assurance experience in an academic environment as well as in the field, Qaelum is considered as the preferred partner when it comes to medical imaging quality control. Leading hospital groups share our vision of a global system for quality assurance, which realises optimal use of radiation and guarantees maximum safety for patients and staff. At the same time, they acquire a more detailed overview of and deeper insights into all quality related aspects.

Passionate about solving real world problems, Qaelum focuses on the development and deployment of highly innovative solutions and services to resolve the daily problems of every medical imaging professional. Ranging from automated quality control in nationwide breast screening programs to optimised solutions for local patient dose monitoring, Qaelum has solutions for all these problems regardless of the scale. The combination of advanced software tools and expert knowledge in the field, makes the innovative solutions offering a preferred choice for healthcare professionals.