Qaelum expands its sales force with four new members

November 16, 2017

Qaelum continues its growth in EMEA and, therefore, expands its sales team to provide further assistance and a more hands-on, personalised approach for its customers. That is why we have recently welcomed four new members into our sales team: three business development managers for Iberia, for the UK and Ireland, for the DACH region (Germany, Austria & Switzerland), and a sales manager for Belgium, The Netherlands and Northern Europe.

In September Ferran Soler, our new Business Development Manager Iberia, and Wayne Warfield, Business Development Manager UK and Ireland, visited us in our facilities in Science Park Arenberg in Leuven to meet the rest of the Qaelum team. They stayed for a week to complete their training on our software solutions and to discuss possible business development opportunities in their regions. On the other hand, we welcomed last week two other sales and business development managers to join and strengthen our sales team: Jeffrey Kruiskamp and Dominik Maroun, who will be responsible for Belgium, The Netherlands and Northern Europe, and the DACH region respectively.

The importance of direct presence

Having direct presence in our key European markets is very valuable for us, because it brings the opportunity to receive direct feedback from our customers, to have contact with key opinion leaders and to get insights into ongoing regional projects to collaborate with, whereas offering further support on the field facilitates our collaboration with our third partners. Besides, every market has particularities to take into account that only somebody locally can grasp: “in the Spanish market”, said Ferran Soler, “the health regional system is rather fragmented and especially depending on the region we are talking about”. Wayne Warfield also commented on this regarding the UK: “I think it is important to have somebody locally as both partners and customers perceive that the service they receive will be more effective than done remotely. They like to have somebody who they can access easily and relate to. Also, it is important to have someone who is aware of the local way of doing things: workflow, organisational structure and pricing. Colloquialisms and political sensitivities as well are best understood by somebody in the region".

First steps are set

This good news comes hand in hand with our successes in Spain and the UK: our reference site in Spain is Hospital Clinic in Barcelona, a well-reputed community hospital and the main public provider within its district. As for the UK, NHS Wales remains our reference site while “we are looking very healthy here with the DOSE software and there is still a large part of the market untapped”, Wayne states.

Regarding our new salespersons for Europe, Dominik Maroun and Jeffrey Kruiskamp finished their training on Qaelum software last week with our Application Specialist, Arnaud Vanherck. From now on, they are ready to start focusing on expanding our customer base in the DACH region, The Netherlands and Northern Europe as well as servicing existing customers.

Qaelum expands its sales force with four new members

Arnaud Vanherck, Application Specialist, Jeffrey Kruiskamp and Dominik Maroun during COACH training.

The addition of these new salespersons was received with big enthusiasm in our headquarters in Science Park Arenberg, where Luc Colle, VP of Global Sales, will coordinate new sales strategies and management alongside the rest of the sales force. We wish them the best and are looking forward to hearing from their successes very soon.