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19–21/09, 2021


CT repeats: a source of radiation dose doubling and wasted scan time

In this webinar, a topic of growing concern in CT, the unnecessary repeated scans, will be discussed. We will discuss how repeated examinations lead to doubling of patient dose and longer and more unpredictable exam durations. We will also discuss the cost and potential harm caused by administration of extra contrast agent associated with repeated imaging. We will also review a new quality improvement tool for quantifying repeated imaging.

13:40-14:00 CEST

Sun. 19 Sep. 

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Presented by


Timothy P Szczykutowicz

Dr. Tim “Stick” Szczykutowicz is a Professor at the University of Wisconsin Madison, Department of Radiology. Dr. Szczykutowicz is author of over 40 papers, 3 patents, and the book “The CT Handbook: Optimizing Protocols for Today’s Feature-Rich Scanners”.




Dose management and compliance with legislation using DOSE

In many countries around the world a specific radiation legislation is in place. DOSE by Qaelum is one of the most advanced dose management systems on the market which helps to easily monitor and manage your patients’ dose. Thanks to the flexibility of the software, all requirements of any specific radiation legislation can be met. Dr.Nagel, a well-known medical physicist, has been using DOSE for a couple of years for his monitoring and optimisation tasks. In this webinar, Dr. Nagel will show examples based on the German legislation.

10:45–11:05 CEST

Tue. 21 Sep. 

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Presented by


Hans Dieter Nagel

Dr. Nagel worked for many years as a clinical scientist for one of the leading medical imaging manufacturers. In 2009, he founded his own company focusing on MPE services in the application areas of CT and XA.


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