Qaelum DOSE at 10th IAPM ASM and IAPM Workshop

March 12, 2019

DOSE - our radiation dose management solution, will be demonstrated at10th IAPM ASM and IAPM Workshop in Dublin, from 22 -23 March 2019, organized by IAPM.

DOSE assists you to maintain patient safety and quality in medical imaging by

  1. Estimate more accurately the effective dose and organ dose for a patient in a CT examination.
  2. Evaluate the rejected images at the device and give advice on how to optimize the training of your personnel.
  3. Give immediate feedback regarding dose and quality.
  4. Track the patient’s cumulative dose and assess if it is still below achievable level.
  5. View the number of studies simultaneously and the applied dose on a particular day and time
  6. Avoid blind scanning

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About IAPM:

The IAPM is an association of medical physicists working in healthcare, industry and academia in Ireland. The IAPM was founded in 2010 by the merger of the Association of Physical Scientists in Medicine (APSM) and the Irish Radiotherapy Physics Group (IRPG). The IAPM has almost 200 members. 80% of members are in the Professional and Allied Professional category, the other 20% are students, trainees, unemployed and retired.

Qaelum DOSE at 10th IAPM ASM and IAPM Workshop