Qaelum DOSE training for partner pre-sales persons from across Europe, Russia and the Middle East

May 23, 2016

Qaelum extending its reach beyond Europe

Last week, partner pre-sales professionals from countries across Europe, Russia and the Middle East gathered in Leuven, Belgium. Evguénia Boldyréva, Application Specialist for Qaelum, hosted a training session on DOSE by Qaelum. She showed how radiology departments can provide high-quality radiology services and promote continual quality improvement, in line with European standards and directives. The training bundles a range of aspects related to product capabilities, installation and training radiology department members.

In 2018, the European Commission’s new Council Directive will take effect, outlining new regulations and safety standards related to ionizing radiation. It will require radiology departments to formally evaluate the need for dose exposure on a case-by-case basis. In addition, the departments need to be organised in such a way that they can efficiently track, record and store each dose exposed to their patients.

 Qaelum DOSE training for partner pre sales persons from across Europe

Responding to dose monitoring and quality directives

Many hospitals have already selected Qaelum’s dose registration system. DOSE offers built-in tools for data analysis, quality control and automated reporting to key users in radiology departments. The software enables these institutions to automatically monitor patient dosimetry received from the radiological equipment. The software forms the foundation of the daily quality related activities, additionally providing automatic reporting and a framework for applied trainings. DOSE operates as a solution that is flexibly integrated into the existing environment within radiology departments.

As DOSE manages the massive amounts of data, it offers great opportunity to investigate and improve many important aspects. Automation allows for extracting more information while reducing the risk for human error and saving valuable time of technologists and radiologists. Furthermore, DOSE enables the creation of more detailed reports. The hospitals soon discover the added value of de operational parameters offered by DOSE, including:

  • Compliance to basic safety standards for radiation protection as laid out in Council Directive 2013/59/Euratom
  • Taking actions in compliance with the QUAADRIL standard of IAEA
  • Meeting local implementations of the Euratom directive in different member states

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