Qaelum NV and ulrich medical enter into a strategic partnership

December 01, 2021

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ulrich medical and Qaelum NV finalize a strategic partnership for an advanced Contrast Management solution to track the usage of contrast agents and help harmonize protocols across CT injectors, departments and institutions

Ulm, Germany / Leuven, Belgium – December 1, 2021

(RSNA 2021, Qaelum booth #3550, South Hall Level 3) Qaelum NV announces today that they enter into a strategic partnership with ulrich GmbH & Co. KG in Ulm to combine their advanced Contrast Management solution with the contrast media injectors of ulrich medical, to support the needs of hospitals and imaging networks. Contrast dose as well as Radiation exposure is an issue for every player in a patient’s treatment, from the patient, to the referring physician, to the radiology department, and to regulatory bodies. The novel Contrast Management solution and Qaelum’s proven Dose Management System will enable organizations to manage, analyse and balance their contrast agents and the patient dose.

Harmonizing protocols and improving quality, integrated in the existing PACS environment

With this strategic alliance, ulrich medical will offer a flexible solution that allows for central recording and statistical data processing of the utilization of the connected contrast injectors at enterprise level. Contrast usage can be analyzed at different levels, protocols can be harmonized and regulatory reporting needs can be simplified. The vendor-neutral solution needs only a limited time investment of the local IT department and can run both in an on-premise or cloud-based version.

“Qaelum is a leader in Advanced Dose and Contrast Management software solutions,” says Sven Erdmann, Vice President Technology and Regulation of ulrich medical. “Our strategic alliance will allow medical imaging departments to take control over the usage of their contrast media injectors and provide them the tools to harmonize and optimize their injection protocols. By combining the strengths of the quality management tools of Qaelum, with the state-of-the-art solutions of ulrich medical, including our FDA approved DICOM RIS/PACS connection, we can now offer healthcare enterprises a complete solution that will help institutions drive more value from their existing investments, now and into the future.”

“We are delighted to enter into this strategic partnership with ulrich medical,” says Jurgen Jacobs, CEO and co-founder of Qaelum. “This partnership fits perfectly in our long term strategy to improve patient safety, quality and efficiency in medical imaging departments.

What is Qaelum’s Contrast Management?

  • A powerful solution for a comprehensive analysis of the usage and costs related to contrast agents used in the medical imaging department
  • A software to monitor the handling of different contrast types through advanced statistics and distribution graphs
  • An efficient tool that highlights the need for extra training and protocol optimization through analysis of contrast per protocol and per operator
  • An ally to improve personalized contrast administration by identifying potential outliers of contrast volume versus patient weight

Why Qaelum’s Contrast Management?

  • Centralizes all the contrast information in one place with the ultimate goal to lower costs and optimize performance
  • Offers a complete view from a high-level perspective to an in-depth analysis of key performance indicators
  • Combines contrast and patient radiation dose management
  • Direct integration and collaboration with several injector manufacturers, including the display of injector-created reports
  • Allows for easy benchmarking of different injectors for an overall optimization of the medical imaging department
  • Works as a standalone tool or integrated in radiation dose management software

About Qaelum NV

Qaelum NV is a Leuven, Belgium-based medical software solutions provider advocating patient safety and quality improvement in medical imaging environments. Begun as an academic project at the University Hospitals of Leuven, it is now the preferred choice for leading European institutions. Qaelum’s mission is to help various social healthcare stakeholders, from patients and healthcare professionals to regulators, in creating patient safe and optimized medical imaging environments. Qaelum does this by developing and implementing user-friendly and state of the art software solutions extensively validated by key opinion leaders in the field.

About ulrich medical

ulrich medical develops, produces and markets spinal systems and contrast media injectors. Founded in 1912, the family-owned company has approximately 500 employees worldwide. While its products are used worldwide, the medical technology company focuses on quality "Made in Germany" and is thus one of the few in the industry that consistently develops and manufactures its products in Germany. ulrich medical was successfully MDR-audited in January 2020 - as one of the first medical technology manufacturers in Germany. In addition, the F.A.Z. Institute honored ulrich medical as one of the "Innovation Leaders of Germany 2020".