Radiation Dose Management Solution - DOSE, follow-up training in Navarra

February 07, 2019

Last week, part of our training team for our product DOSE - patient radiation dose monitoring system, visited medical physicists from Navarra region (Spain), Santiago Miquélez and Fernando Caudepón, for a follow-up training. Conventional tomosynthesis, diagnostic reference levels configuration and new features were the main topics of the session. Rafa García Mollá, a medical physicist from the General University Hospital of Valencia, joined the meeting as well. It was a great opportunity to interchange knowledge and ideas for DOSE, it is always a pleasure to work with them. We hope to meet them again very soon!

Radiation Dose Management Solution DOSE follow up training in Navarra

Photo (from left to right): Fernando Caudepón Moreno, Ana Dolcet Llerena (Application Specialist Iberia), Evgenia Evguénia Boldyréva (Head of Training), Santiago Miquélez Alonso, Anastasio Rubio Arróniz and Rafael García Mollá.

What is a follow-up training?

Right after the first installation of DOSE in a hospital, our customers receive initial training. It may be divided into basic users and key users, covering the topics as follows: how to handle the program, how to look for outliers, how to configure their favourite dashboards as well as special features like legal compliance, dynamic alerts and reports.

A follow-up training is a session that is given by our team to our clients to tackle the specific issues or problems occurred during the implementation of our products. Although our users have always the possibility of communicating with Qaelum via e-mail or our Service Desk, it’s always helpful to visit them after a while to refresh their knowledge, update them on the new features in our products, or to help them with specific cases. In Navarra, for example, we focused on ignoring studies, dynamic alerts, logbook, exposure index, mammography analysis and modality comparison. We also showed them some case studies and guided them so that they could make the most of DOSE.

The Navarra Project

The region of Navarra has trusted in our solution since 2016 when they acquired DOSE through our partner in Spain FUJIFILM. The medical physicists there are referents to many colleagues working in radiology across the country and they are very satisfied with the program. It is a real pleasure working with them, and there is still a lot we can learn from each other, that’s why the follow-up training is very useful not only for our users but also for ourselves.

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