DOSE gains popularity in Japan

July 24, 2019

dose gains popularity in Japan

Last weekend, at the seminar on Medical Radiation Dose Management, organized by Toyo Corporation, Jurgen Jacobs, CEO of Qaelum, presented the current situation and prospects of dose management in Europe. In total, we received around 200 participants from medical doctors to radiologists from major hospitals in Japan.

"Dose management systems started as automated data collection tools to calculate DRLs (Diagnostic Reference Levels). Throughout the years, pushed by the EU directive on, this became widespread in Europe and evolved into a tool for more closer follow up of outliers. The next generation of dose management systems focuses on personalized dosimetry and more advanced applications. Moreover, standardization initiatives by DICOM and IHE, make sure that the data collection and integration happen reliably and as smooth as possible. " Jurgen Jacobs summarized his observation about dose management systems in Europe.

Moreover, the purpose of dose management systems is shifting from the primary as automated data collection and reporting solution to the advanced as smart, AI-powered system.

This seminar further strengthened the collaboration between Toyo Corporation and Qaelum.

dose gains popularity in Japan 2


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