Each year over two million Spanish patients will receive safer radiographic exams thanks to optimized radiation dose management

May 24, 2018

Spain’s SESCAM, (Servicio de Salud de Castilla-La Mancha), the health care services of the Autonomous Region of Castilla la Mancha, has selected a new and safer radiation dose management system for its radiography studies. SESCAM has partnered up with FUJIFILM España and the Belgian company QAELUM for its DOSEtm software to ensure better patient safety with respect to radiography dose management, hence reaching compliance with European regulations.


SESCAM’s public hospitals are committed to continuously improve the quality of automated patient radiation dose management, clinical image quality assessments and lifetime learning and development of staff.

“With over 2 million studies a year conducted at our facilities, we want to ensure that every patient gets the lowest X-ray dose as reasonably achievable”, states Luis Morell Baladrón - CIO at SESCAM, “moreover, it was essential for us to be compliant with the new European Directive 59/2013/EURATOM by Euratom regarding dose registration and FUJIFILM and QAELUM helped us to meet those regulatory requirements.”

A dose management solution such as QAELUM’s DOSEtm is designed to make tasks easier for different healthcare professionals, radiologists, medical physicists and radiographers, allowing them to always provide the right X-ray exposure for optimal diagnosis.

 Each year over two million Spanish patients will receive safer radiographic 1

“We carefully listened to the needs of the SESCAM team and soon realized that QAELUM’s DOSEtm software was the right solution for the job”, says David Alvarez, Head of Medical Informatics at FUJIFILM Spain, “The software suite enables automated and regulated registration & analysis off all radiology-related services, such as daily dose management, performance of professionals and compliance monitoring. Additionally it flawlessly integrates with FUJIFILM’s PACS software”.

“The size of the project and the recognition by SESCAM and FUJIFILM Spain that DOSEtm is the best performing solution for radiation dose registration and dose management in the market, is a major achievement for QAELUM”, says Jurgen Jacobs, CEO of QAELUM.



SESCAM is a company committed in ensuring the best health care with high levels of quality and obtaining the best results in patient care. In essence, SESCAM provides a modern and humanized quality health that adapts to the needs of patients, where continuity of care is guaranteed in the different phases of their clinical and social process.


FUJIFILM España is a branch of FUJIFILM Europe GmbH, whose head office is located in Barcelona. It operates in the Spanish market, promoting and selling products and services in its Electronic Imaging (digital cameras and accessories), Photo Imaging (equipment, consumables and photo finishing services, analog photography and storage media), Medical Systems (direct and indirect radiology, mammography, ultrasound and veterinary systems) and Beauty & Health (select skin care cosmetics) divisions.


QAELUM is a Belgian medical device manufacturer with over 15 years of experience in the development and deployment of software for automated quality control in breast screening programs and optimized solutions for patient dose monitoring. QAELUM is the preferred partner for medical imaging quality control by many healthcare professionals. The company adheres to ISO-13485 and ISO-14971. QAELUM’s DOSEtm software solution has a number of certifications and quality labels including CE class IIb, CAMCAS level III (Canada) and FDA clearance for the US market.

Each year over two million Spanish patients will receive safer radiographic 2


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