Important scientific achievement in size-specific dosimetry

August 13, 2021

A scientific paper by An Dedulle, PhD Researcher at Qaelum NV, was the topic of a recent article in Physics World.

The paper published in Physics in Medicine and Biology describes a novel methodology to estimate patient size in projection radiography using only information from the DICOM header. This paves the way for a more personalized dosimetric approach in 2D projection radiography, which can be applied in a large scale through dose management systems.

Important scientific achievement in size specific dosimetry

The research is performed in a collaboration of Qaelum and KU Leuven and is supported by a Baekeland Research grant of the Flemish government (VLAIO). The intention is to implement the automated size estimation metric into Qaelum's dose and quality management software for a total solution in X-ray imaging.

To read the article in Physics world, click here

or, click here to read the full scientific paper in Physics in Medicine and Biology.

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