JFR 2019 Review - a radiation dose management

October 14, 2019


Qaelum showcased its products of radiation dose management system, DOSE at the annual congress of the French Radiology Society (SFR), les Journées Françaises de Radiologie (JFR).

DOSE is an advanced solution to automatically monitor, evaluate, and report patients' radiation dose, achieving dose reduction yet high-quality images. 

Moreover, its efficient pro-active solution to the labor-intensive regulatory compliance monitoring enhances the work efficiency of radiologists and medical physicians, freeing them from unnecessary paperwork. 

Learn more features of DOSE, such as 

  1. Peak Skin Dose, estimate the maximum skin dose that is delivered during a fluoroscopic procedure by taking all available information into account
  2. Size-Specific Dose Estimates (SSDE) analysis based on effective diameter and Water Equivalent Diameter (WED)
  3. Integrated benchmarking with dynamic and static reference values
  4. Combining data from different data sources (PACS, EMR, RIS, modalities...) 

Please visit DOSE, and book a demo.

JFR2019 dose managment demo

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