Press Release: AZ Delta hospital group in Roeselare selects Belgium-based Qaelum

February 02, 2016

To support its quality assurance, The AZ Delta hospital group has selected the ‘Total Quality Monitoring’ solutions of Qaelum. With this software AZ Delta realises efficient dose registration, quality indicators and the associated document stream. In addition, the Qaelum solutions will enable AZ Delta to comply with accreditation and with European legislation that will take effect early 2018.

AZ Delta Hoofdingang Brugsesteenweg

AZ Delta was established through the merger between the H.-Hartziekenhuis Roeselare-Menen and the Stedelijk Ziekenhuis Roeselare. The new hospital group AZ Delta counts 3150 employees and covers more than 1200 beds. 240 medical doctors are active in AZ Delta.

To further optimise its quality related activities, AZ Delta relies on multiple Qaelum software solutions.

Dr. Jesse Marrannes, Radiologist and Head of the Radiology Departement of AZ Delta: “Our interaction with Qaelum started when discussing the need for a campus-wide dose registration system.”

DOSE allows AZ Delta to automatically monitor patient dosimetry received from the X-rays and CT equipment in de hospital group. The software forms the foundation of the daily quality related activities, additionally providing automatic reporting and a framework for applied trainings. As DOSE manages the massive amounts of data, it offers great opportunity to investigate and improve many important aspects.

“We soon discovered the added value of de operational parameters offered by DOSE,” clarifies Dr. Jesse Marrannes. “Evolving further to a total quality management system was just a small step.”

Using BASELINE, a preparatory clinical audit (based on QUAADRIL) will be executed to screen the existing radiological processes. “We see this as a major step forward to meet the requirements for accreditation,” explains Dr. Marrannes.

Finally, QBOOK is the digital quality handbook, which links to procedures and work instructions. Dr. Marrannes expects that also QBOOK will contribute to the quality in AZ Delta. “As soon as the information is entered, every employee will have access to the necessary documents. In addition, QBOOK ensures that everyone will be informed about changes relevant to him or her.”

The initial contacts were the starting point for the smooth collaboration between AZ Delta and Qaelum. “All interaction took place in a constructive atmosphere,” says Dr. Marrannes. “The presentations of the different products were received very positively by the representative staff members present, and this was the prime reason to select QAELUM. We expect that the QAELUM solutions – and in particular the operational parameters from DOSE – will have a positive impact on efficiency and probably also on productivity.”

Jurgen Jacobs, CEO Qaelum: “We are honoured that the leading hospital group AZ Delta resolutely selected the comprehensive Qaelum solution. AZ Delta shares our vision of a global system for quality assurance, which guarantees maximum safety for patients and staff and realises optimal use of radiology. At the same time AZ Delta acquires a more detailed overview of and deeper insights into everything related to quality.”

“This strategic collaboration illustrates the confidence Belgian hospitals have in Qaelum. We are also gaining foothold in hospitals across Europa and in the Middle-East.”

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