Qaelum abstracts presented at Joint Conference of the ÖGMP, DGMP and SGSMP

September 13, 2021

Abstract: Accuracy estimation of advanced dosimetric calculations for radiography

Advanced dosimetric calculations and sophisticated phantoms have allowed for more personalized dosimetry, which should be accompanied by information on the accuracy. In this study, we investigate the accuracy of a size-adjusted dose estimation for chest radiography.

Oral presentation at the conference: 19.09.2021, 17:30-17:40

phantoms 2


Abstract: Evaluation of positioning in pediatric head CT examinations

Proper patient positioning in CT exams is crucial as it influences both dose and image quality. This study focuses on evaluating the positioning of pediatric patients and identifying the potential need for extra training.

Poster presentation at the conference: 20.09.2021, 15:30-15:35

Important scientific achievement in size specific dosimetry


Abstract: Impact of contrast and respiration conditions on the calculation of water equivalent diameter

Patient water equivalent diameter (WED) is widely used to provide a better dose estimation through a size-specific dose estimate. But, what if the calculation of WED is affected by the contrast or the respiration process?

Oral presenation at the conference: 21.09.2021, 09:10-09:20

Important scientific achievement in size specific dosimetry