Qaelum releases a new module of DOSE - Enterprise Protocol Management

December 02, 2019

Leuven, Belgium — Qaelum, a patient radiation dose management solution provider, today released a new module of DOSE - Enterprise Protocol Management. This new module is a vendor-neutral solution to centrally manage and monitor the protocols of your CT scanners and help users deliver the right exam for each patient by providing access, insight, control for imaging device protocols. It will be officially launched during RSNA 2019, at the Qaelum booth 8303.

Standardization and optimization of CT protocols is one of the cornerstones of rigorous radiation protection plans! Due to the multitude of available protocols, the diversity over the different vendors and the complexity of these protocols, it is a very tedious and time-consuming process. The new Enterprise Protocol Management module of DOSE tackles the above issues by providing professionals with the following functions:

Protocol Standardization

  • define all the master protocols of your protocol tree with an easy to use, intuitive user interface. Elements that can be defined are: the protocol structure, key scanner settings, contrast details, and a corresponding Radlex code
  • import existing protocol trees to speed up the configuration process

Protocol Harmonization

  • link the individual protocols of different scanners to the master protocols
  • identify differences in the implementation of master protocols on different scanners
  • use pre-defined workflows to initiate and follow-up tasks for changing settings on the CT scanner

Protocol Distribution

  • to ensure access to the latest version of the different protocols for all the stakeholders, the module allows for re-publishing the protocols in user-definable templates, with actual radiation dose information included
  • the public API of the module allows for a tight integration of the distributed, up-to-date protocols into the daily work environment of the technologists

Protocol Monitoring

  • the module monitors modifications in the protocol tree of individual CT scanners. Additions, removals, or alterations of protocols are tracked. This helps to examine all of the changes and if they are permitted
  • depending on the local situation, DOSE can connect to your CT scanners and automatically retrieve and analyze the protocol files

Protocol Usage

  • in combination with DOSE, the overall usage of the scanner protocols is evaluated, and statistics are generated
  • pre-defined rules identify protocols that have not been used recently or that have been applied to a different population than indicated by the master protocol
  • changes of the protocol during an examination, trigger a notification to assist in the justification of inappropriate dose/performance

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QAELUM NV is a technologically innovative company, headquartered in Leuven, Belgium, with a subsidiary in New York, US. The company is passionate about eradicating real-world issues that occur in the medical environment as well as providing solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare departments around the world. Such solutions include: patient radiation dose monitoring, clinical audits, quality monitoring in breast cancer screening and efficient management in medical imaging.

DOSE supports hospitals and clinics in monitoring patient radiation dose and facilitates the comparison with national guidelines or diagnostic reference levels, allowing them to better optimize their radiation dose and as such improve patient safety.

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