Radiation Dose Management Software Expert QAELUM first-time exhibitor at RSNA

November 15, 2018

QAELUM’s DOSE Software, entirely tuned to the needs in North America, is now fully available to be demonstrated at RSNA 2018.
QAELUM NV, a market leader of radiation dose management solutions in Europe, has tailored its software for fulfilling the North American requirements for radiation dose management. The participation at the RSNA 2018 meeting is a major milestone for QAELUM’s commercial breakthrough in the USA.

Designed to solve real world problems especially in the medical environment, QAELUM, one of the pre-eminent providers of dose management solutions will participate and conduct demonstrations of Dose, its solution for radiation dose management, at the annual meeting for Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), 2018.

“We are trilled to show our flagship solution in such a decidedly demanding market as the United States for a first time on our own booth.” says Jurgen Jacobs, CEO of QAELUM. “After a successful launch here at the RSNA annual meeting, QAELUM will further commercialize its products from its US subsidiary QAELUM Inc. based in Manhattan, NY”, he adds.

As a company with cutting-edge innovations by virtue of its strong academic background in radiation, QAELUM envisages the exhibition to be an ideal platform to reveal and promote one of its solutions to numerous radiologists and business prospects in the United States. The Dose solution demonstrated during the exhibition is a dose management solution that provides direct insight into the daily dose management, the clinical image quality and the performance of different medical professionals such as: radiographers, radiologists, medical physicists, clinical IT technologists and hospital administrations or managers.

Niki Fitousi, Head of Research, QAELUM comments: “The RSNA, 2018 is one of the biggest radiology congresses in the world. Qaelum has reached a milestone to be a first-time exhibitor at this trade show” She went on to say that, “15 years of quality assurance experience provides us with adequate expertise in an academic environment. This is why we possess many strengths. Such strengths lie in the ability for Qaelum to provide an all-in-one medical radiology quality management software platform that tracks, manages, analyses and stores data. Another strength of ours is the good relationship we have with our customers.”

Even after an explosive growth in installed base in Europe and successfully gaining physical presence in the U.S market, QAELUM continues to strive for success by creating brand awareness and enhancing operational efficiency to improve customer relationship. Jurgen Jacobs’, CEO, comments regarding the company’s expansion into the United States are quite perceptive: “Undoubtedly, we as a company are entirely ready for the North American market, owing to the fact that the US legislation very much focuses on patient safety and quality. From the beginning, our company has embraced a patient centric approach by providing software solutions with the ability to efficiently improve quality, hence increasingly securing the safety of American citizens and patients around the world.”

About RSNA

The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) is a non-profit organization with over 54,000 members from 136 countries around the world. RSNA provides high-quality educational resources, including continuing education credits toward physicians’ certification maintenance, host the world’s largest radiology conference and publish two top peer-reviewed journals: Radiology and RadioGraphics.

The RSNA Annual Meeting is an established value in the medical imaging field. Every year thousands of attendees get hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology and dive into the latest research with over 400 educational courses.


QAELUM N.V is a dedicated technological innovative company located in Leuven, Belgium. The company is passionate about eradicating real-world issues that occur in the medical environment as well as providing solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare departments around the world. Such solutions include: patient radiation dose monitoring, clinical audits, breast cancer screening and efficient management in medical imaging. Qaelum is headquartered in Belgium, Europe, and has a US subsidiary in New York, 1177 Avue of the Americas, 7th floor, 10036 New York, NY.