Here at Qaelum, we believe that everyone can make a difference. Every member of our team is invaluable and helps us create exceptional solutions which improve the quality of radiology departments worldwide.

Curious about who is working behind the scenes? Then let us introduce you to our team! Or join the team yourself and maybe your picture will be on here as well.

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qaelum team Hilde Bosmans

Prof. Hilde Bosmans
Board Member & Co-founder

qaelum team Luc Vandenbroucke

Luc Vandenbroucke
President of the Board

qaelum team Raymond Oyen

Prof. Raymond Oyen
Board Member & Co-founder 

qaelum team Marc Beuls

Marc Beuls
Board Member

qaelum team Bart Swaelens

Bart Swaelens
Board Member

qaelum team Frank Weekers

Prof. Dr. Frank Weekers
Board Member

qaelum team Jurgen Jacobs

Jurgen Jacobs
CEO & Co-founder

qaelum team Jan Schillebeeckx

Dr. Jan Schillebeeckx
External Consultant

qaelum team Frank Rogge

Frank Rogge
Medical Physicist

qaelum team Thomas De Waelheyns

Thomas De Waelheyns
Technical lead FOQAL

qaelum team Daniel Medina

Daniel Medina
Software Developer

qaelum team nidhi mishra

Nidhi Mishra
Software Developer

brunoborges 2

Bruno Borges
Software Developer

Janaki Bajatovski

Janaki Bajatovski
Software Developer

Ayelén Andrade

Ayelén Andrade
Software Developer

qaelum team Dominik Maroun

Dominik Maroun
Chief Sales Officer

qaelum team david_weller

David Weller
US Sales Manager

qaelum team Jason_Specht

Jason Specht
US Director of Customer Success

qaelum team sara almeida

Sara Almeida
Sales Representative South Europe & LATAM

qaelum team Joshua Hatfield

Joshua Hatfield
Account Executive US

qaelum team Greg Baker

Greg Baker
Technical Sales Representative UK & Ireland

qaelum team Sven Dewilde

Sven Dewilde
Head of Operations

qaelum team Filippo Miniati

Filippo Miniati
Technical Product Manager DOSE

qaelum team Laura Camacho

Laura Camacho
Senior Project Manager

qaelum team Núria Mora

Núria Mora
Project Engineer

qaelum team Orestis Pagonis

Orestis Pagonis
Technical Support Officer

qaelum team Orestis Pagonis

Brandy Stoops
Support and Implementation Specialist (US)

qaelum team Aneth Reyes Hasbún

Aneth Reyes Hasbún
Project Manager

qaelum team Orestis Pagonis

Jack Sierralta
Technical Support Officer

qaelum team Niki Fitousi

Niki Fitousi, PhD
Head of Research & Application

qaelum team anna romanyukha

Anna Romanyukha, PhD
Scientific Liaison

qaelum team Ana Dolcet

Ana Dolcet
Senior Application Specialist

qaelum team Joana de Sousa

Joana de Sousa
Application Specialist

qaelum team Robin Stapleford

Robin Stapleford
Application Specialist DACH

qaelum team Mahta Mazloumi

Mahta Mazloumi, PhD
Application Specialist

qaelum team Tom Van Herpe

Tom Van Herpe, PhD
Head of QARA

qaelum team Jeroen Baeck

Jeroen Baeck
Senior QARA Specialist

qaelum team Nyukhet Ali

Nyukhet Ali
Regulatory Affairs Specialist

qaelum team Sally Van Gastel

Sally van Gastel
Head of Finance

qaelum team Gerty Henneco

Gerty Henneco

qaelum team Jeroen Sors

Jeroen Sors
HR Specialist

qaelum team Scarlette YE

Scarlette YE
Senior Digital Marketer

qaelum team Cristina.davignon

Cristina Davignon
Office Manager