What is Contrast Management?

  • A powerful solution for a comprehensive analysis of the usage and costs related to contrast agents used in the medical imaging department
  • A software to monitor the handling of different contrast types through advanced statistics and distribution graphs
  • An efficient tool that highlights the need for extra training and protocol optimization through analysis of contrast per protocol and per operator
  • An ally to improve personalized contrast administration by identifying potential outliers of contrast volume versus patient weight

Why Contrast Management?

  • Centralizes all the contrast information in one place with the ultimate goal to lower costs and optimize performance
  • Offers a complete view from a high-level perspective to an in-depth analysis of key performance indicators
  • Combines contrast and patient radiation dose management
  • Direct integration and collaboration with several injector manufacturers, including the display of injector-created reports
  • Allows for easy benchmarking of different injectors for an overall optimization of the medical imaging department
  • Works as a standalone tool or integrated in the radiation dose management software