What is CT Repeat Analysis?

  • A vendor-neutral software that automatically monitors how CT scans are performed in practice
  • An efficient tool to identify repeated scans and indicate if there is need for extra training
  • A sophisticated solution to evaluate the use of resources in the department in terms of radiation dose, contrast, time and tube quality depreciation
  • A valuable tool for continuous quality improvement in the CT rooms

Why CT Repeat Analysis?

  • Works with state of the art technology
  • Quantifies the efficiency loss due to unnecessarily repeated scans
  • Gives direct insight into the excess use of radiation dose and contrast in the CT rooms due to repeat scans
  • Dives into the repeat rates of different protocols and highlights the ones requiring intervention
  • Distinguishes between clinically relevant repeated scans and superfluous ones
  • Highlights the differences in key performance indicators caused by excessive amounts of radiation, contrast and tube load
  • Helps to achieve productivity gain and optimal performance in the CT department
  • Runs standalone or integrated with a PACS or a dose management solution