What is FORMS?

  • A flexible software to create your own data entry forms for quality data collection
  • An easy to use tool which simplifies the execution and supervision of any quality control task
  • A secure cloud-based solution that can be accessed from anywhere and that fits perfectly in remote quality monitoring
  • Vendor-neutral software helping you to perform, document and report all quality and optimization activities in a uniform, reliable and repetitive way


  • Centralizes and simplifies your everyday quality tasks
  • Allows for simple or advanced templates to be created without limitations
  • Empowers the users with easy data access and one-click benchmarking
  • Creates intelligent notifications to avoid liabilities of missing data entries and non-conformities
  • Allows to create management or compliance ready reports in industry standard formats (PDF, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Zero footprint web application requiring limited investment by your IT department
  • Comes with a variety of readily available templates, like quality control of monitors