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  • Monitor ultrasound systems
  • Improve the utilization
  • Achieve operational excellence

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What is US Efficiency by Qaelum?

• Vendor-neutral module that collects and analyzes ultrasound machine datasets to provide relevant metrics on the utilization and performance
• Sophisticated software to optimize the scheduling and exam execution and ensure that resources are used efficiently
• Insights generator with key performance indicators like transducers management and tracking of procedures to allow for targeted improvements
• User-friendly tool with rich analytics and customizable reports to empower departments and allow for data-driven decisions
• Part of the Qaelum ecosystem of quality and efficiency

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Why US Efficiency by Qaelum?

  • Identify gaps in the exam flow in order to streamline and harmonize processes, while optimizing the workflow
  • Monitor relevant KPIs like exam volume and metrics like thermal and mechanical indices
  • Estimate financial liabilities of exams that utilize more device time than expected or needed
  • Leverage data analytics to prevent underutilization of resources and enhance patient care
  • Take advantage of the provided comprehensive data to track the performance of the ultrasound equipment over time
  • Implement evidence-based strategies to increase revenue and achieve operational excellence

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