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  • Remotely control the quality of mammography devices in breast cancer screening programmes

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What is MAMMO?

MAMMO is a solution for centralized technical quality monitoring in digital breast cancer screening programmes. The analysis methods are unique and developed to perform a more extensive evaluation than the one proposed by EUREF.

MAMMO is available in two configurations: a cloud-based solution and a locally installed solution. The latter, however, is only project based.

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MAMMO helps you improve the quality of your mammography device. It is reliable and reproducible and it saves you time by reducing the time needed to perform the tests.

Another advantage of MAMMO is that users can login to perform an evaluation depending on their level of experience. A supervisor, for example, can access and evaluate data and centrally monitor the data of different hospitals. Local personnel, on the other hand, can evaluate basic parameters and monitor quality.

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Reproducible data & increased reliability

The system makes centralized copies of the raw data, which makes the data easily retrievable for data analysis. Our unique analysis methods are developed to perform a more extensive evaluation than the one proposed by EUREF. Consequently, our evaluation methods make quality control more reliable.

Monitor Quality Control

A constantly growing number of committees across Europe and the US are producing guidelines around radiation dose management. With the EU directive on radiation protection, medical imaging control and monitoring has become indispensable. If you are offering breast cancer screening programmes, you are obliged to regularly test the quality of your mammography device. MAMMO can track changes in the display monitors and alerts you when something goes wrong with the monitor calibration.

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Extensive range of features

MAMMO provides you with an extensive software to test quality on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It looks for deviating pixels, ghost images, calibration artefact, defective detectors column, wrong grid movement, dust, ... These are some issues that MAMMO covers to assure an optimal quality for your mammography device.

The screenshot below demonstrates how deviating pixels is displayed on a unit that would fail this test.

mammo deviate pixels

Quick and easy to use

MAMMO automates, and therefore simplifies, the quality control of your mammography device. Our software provides you with direct input about the quality of the images and device and reduces the time needed to perform tests.

Different users can use our software to perform an evaluation depending on their level of experience. A supervisor can have advanced data access to make evaluations and local personnel can be made more conscious of the need for quality.

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