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  • Pre audit (gap analysis) services
  • Prepare you for a mandatory clinical audit
  • Help you undertake a JCI, QMENTUM/NIAZ, HSO... accreditation

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Pre audit (gap analysis) services for your radiology department

Our pre audit (gap analysis) services are outlined by highly experienced quality experts to help you prepare for a mandatory clinical audit or a voluntary accreditation or certification one.

Start preparing for an audit with a gap analysis of your existing clinical practices and compare them against relevant legislative requirements, recognised standards and best practices. BASELINE pre audit services help you understand your weaknesses and problems and how to improve them to be audit-ready.

BASELINE is the best option for any radiology department that is preparing to undertake a JCI, QMENTUM/NIAZ, HSO... accreditation. BASELINE is as well the perfect option to achieve compliance with the upcoming European BSS Directive (COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 2013/59/EURATOM) which lays down the groundwork for compulsory clinical audits inside radiology departments. Likewise, if you are worried about where your department stands in regard to the upcoming B-QUAADRIL standard for Belgium, we can help you. Our gap analysis services will help you to identify areas for improvement and highly increase your success rate for the actual audit process.

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Why BASELINE pre audit services?

BASELINE pre audit services are an ideal solution for your department:

  • We have a highly experienced multidisciplinary team at your disposal to assess your department.
  • We follow up on all changes and updates in quality assurance schemes and integrate these quickly into our quality services.
  • We are responsive to customers’ demands and needs to ensure a personalised approach.
  • Our integration with COACH offers the unique possibility to start conducting your own internal audits immediately after a BASELINE pre audit.

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Integration with COACH, a step forward to audit management

With COACH, auditing has never been this easy. It is our automated solution for audit management, which ensures you can pursue your own internal audits at your own pace. With up-to-date auditing schemes that can be converted with one finger click to other schemes, you can easily prepare for several audit accreditations at the same time. BASELINE pre audit allows you to get a quick start with COACH: the results of the gap analysis can be automatically integrated in order to streamline and automate audit preparation. Having this information in the right place, you can start preparing your next audits exactly where you left them. In other words, COACH is the natural following step towards efficient audit management in your department.


Understand your needs and turn your mindset towards quality and improvement

Preparing for clinical audits, accreditation and certification is a stressful and complex process. Yet, being audit-ready is growing in importance with the upcoming 2013/59/EURATOM European Directive, which obliges to go through clinical audits on a regular basis. We know what you have to do in order to tackle these rising demands.

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Choose a BASELINE pre audit

You need an unbiased gap analysis to evaluate the current status of your radiology department compared to the good practices. Understand in which areas you are doing well or where you need further improvements. Start improving problem areas to ensure a successful audit.

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Evaluate your department quick and easy

A Qaelum’s quality expert team visits your department without disturbing the workflow. They examine and assess your current clinical practices during two days by comparing them with good practices based on QUAADRIL, the Quality Assurance Standard on audits of the IAEA.

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Receive spot-on and effective feedback

Get direct feedback on your current status, right after the assessment carried out by  the quality experts:

  • A personalised report with a direct and accessible overview of action points.
  • A debriefing meeting to discuss what your key issues are.
  • A benchmark to compare your audit results and activities with other departments and hospitals in your country.

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Know where you stand

Having these results will allow you to understand where your department stands.  Are you ready for a clinical audit or an accreditation or certification audit? Or does your department still need some optimization for specific domains?

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"European-wide implementationof clinical audits starts to gather momentum" ECR TODAY | FRIDAY, MARCH 1, 2019