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A software solution to guide your medical imaging department towards

  • Optimized quality
  • Increased efficiency
  • Compliance with legislation, accreditation & certification
  • And management of all your knowledge

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What is COACH?

COACH a tool for knowledge distribution and compliance management with unlimited standards such as JCI, ACI, HAS, B-QUAADRIL…

Quality & Efficiency. COACH identifies problem areas in your department and allows you to decide which areas need adjustment or improvement. Learn from these insights and let COACH assist your department in its daily work, optimize it and lift your quality to a higher level. This will guide your department towards compliance with the accreditation standards – JCI, QMENTUM/NIAZ, HSO, and with the European Directive (2013/59/Euratom).

Manage your knowledge. COACH is the space where all your knowledge comes together. Firstly, knowledge dispersed within different locations in your department can receive a new home within COACH. It allows everybody to be able to view relevant information at any moment during the day. Secondly, it houses a vast collection of documents relating to good practice to assist you in composing your own quality related documents. Thanks to COACH, all your knowledge can be communicated to everyone in a way that is simple and easy to use.

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COACH makes it possible to create additional capacity in radiology department typically up to 1 or 2 FTE Our computer intelligence takes over the repetitive administrative work and lets radiology professionals commit themselves fully to their patients.

COACH is a Zero Footprint solution. No installation is needed on the customer site as you only need a web browser to access COACH. We take care of the rest.

Let your department enjoy the benefits that COACH brings. COACH allows that departmental practice on the floor is better understood and applied by having access to knowledge at any time. This should lead to a substantial productivity increase. Wasted time and numbers of errors are reduced, which in turn will improve efficiency.

COACH will guide you towards compliance with the European Directive (2013/59/Euratom) and with accreditation standards JCI, QMENTUM/NIAZ, HSO. Avoid doubling your work by answering the same questions in various standards, and let COACH convert your already completed answers to other available auditing schemes. Always be prepared for external audits by having a constant overview of problem areas within your department , centralize your knowledge, and make sure that everyone possesses latest protocols and information.

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Structure knowledge

COACH centralizes all the available knowledge into a structure where every single document has its place. The opportunity to integrate completely with the hospital’s infrastructure allows COACH to extract knowledge from Document Management Systems and files. Your knowledge is available for everyone within your organisation, at any location, at any time.

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Communicate knowledge

Eliminate time-consuming searches for information. COACH preselects the correct documentation and shows you relevant information. Nurses, radiologists or radiographers don’t have to lose precious time in the search of role-specific information. COACH assists in managing the daily and administrative workflow, and provides the tools to keep your knowledge up to date.

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Quality assistance

Never be unprepared for upcoming audits. COACH allows you to get started easily when preparing for accreditation, certification or government compliance standards, by providing you access to questions from the main auditing schemes (JCI, Qmentum/NIAZ, HSO…).. Take the opportunity to internally audit your department, adding links within your answers to prove that the content is in order and be reassured with a continuing overview of your current audit and quality status.

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Preloaded content

COACH secures your department’s access to a library of “international best practice” from ACR, RCR, ESR, RANZCR. Be sure to find always the latest version of the documented evidence of the latest best practice. This library can assist in translating knowledge into procedures and to be prepared at best for upcoming audits.

Various flows of insights

COACH gains insight from various streams and can also integrate information from our other products. BASELINE, for radiology departments, our gap analysis product, provides an initial overview of problem areas. From to the results of BASELINE, we answer the questions in COACH for you, which allows you to start optimizing your problem areas. Qaelum’s product DOSE constantly measures parameters allowing to gauge whether you are compliant for the European Directive (2013/59/EURATOM) for management of patient radiation dose. Additionally, the utilization of your devices is constantly displayed in COACH via this integration.

qaelum coach feature flows


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