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26 - 30/11/ 2023

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Join us at RSNA2023, where we're unveiling a cutting-edge platform designed to revolutionize quality and efficiency in your healthcare department. Discover the power of FOQAL and its state-of-the-art modules, all aimed at elevating patient care and streamlining operations.

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Key Modules Include:

  • CONTRAST: Gain a comprehensive analysis of contrast usage and essential key performance indicators.
  • CT Repeat: Optimize your CT room for cost savings and enhanced performance.
  • MRI Efficiency: Analyze MRI device utilization and drive optimization.
  • FORMS: Streamline data collection and administration with intelligent digital forms and automated notifications for efficient information gathering.
  • US Efficiency: Elevate ultrasound machine performance, optimizing scheduling, resource use, and healthcare decision-making as part of the Qaelum ecosystem.
  • Radiography Quality Insights: Elevate radiography quality through advanced analytics, optimizing exposure and reject rates for standardized reporting and improved imaging practices.

Looking for advanced radiation dose management to optimize performance, achieve high-quality images with minimal dose, and ensure patient safety? Discover DOSE!

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Don't miss this opportunity to discuss how Qaelum can assist your department. Our team will be available at Booth 2708 in the South Hall throughout RSNA2023. Let's explore how these innovative solutions can enhance your healthcare operations.

See you there!

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