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  • Ensure quality in digital radiography
  • Exposure Index, Deviation Index & Reject Rate Analysis at your fingertips

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What is Radiography Quality Insights?

  • A vendor-neutral software with dedicated analytics for quality optimization in radiography
  • A user-friendly tool to combine exposure index, deviation index and reject rate analysis in a total radiography monitoring solution
  • A sophisticated source of advanced reports and configurable charts to standardize and improve the practice
  • A top class module to facilitate your quality assurance programs for a trajectory towards excellence

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Why Radiography Quality Insights?

  • Avoid unnecessary exposures and improve the quality of your images
  • Create sophisticated reports to allow for effective communication with involved stakeholders
  • Reduce over- and under-exposed images by identifying problems in protocols and practice
  • Optimize too high or too low reject rates and reduce systemic department shortcomings
  • Dive into details to evaluate outliers and spot improvement needs
  • Configure your data visualization and focus on what is relevant for your quality tasks
  • Standardize the practice across operators and across vendors

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