Hospital Jessa, Bélgica

Hospital de Navarra, Pamplona

Hospital Clínic de Barcelona

Gemma Frisius Fund KU Leuven



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Qaelum expert blog: "Can CT Image truncation cause false dose alerts?" by Niki Fitousi, Ph.D and An Dedulle, PhD researcher. Published on European Medical Physics News Autumn 2019 

Qaelum expert blog: " Reject analysis: pictures or it didn't happen" by Ana Dolcet, Medical Physicist and Steve Nzitunga, Radiographer from Qaelum, published on Diagnostic Imaging, Oct, 2019 

Qaelum expert blog: " CT patient positioning: more important than you think" by Anna Romanyukha, PhD, Steve Nzitunga, Radiographer, Ana Dolcet, MPE, Application & Training team at Qaelum, published on auntminnie.com, April, 2022



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