Join us at the event "Managing Patient Dose: Utilising Dose Monitoring Software" organized by IPEM



We are delighted to announce that Qaelum, a leading innovator in healthcare solutions, will be participating in the upcoming "Managing Patient Dose: Utilising Dose Monitoring Software" event, scheduled for October 4, 2023, at the Core Technology Facility in Manchester.

We invite you to visit our booth at the event to explore our comprehensive suite of dose monitoring solutions and learn how they can contribute to advancing patient care and safety.

  • DOSE: Our radiation dose management software empowers healthcare providers to monitor and optimize radiation dose levels, ensuring patient safety and compliance with regulations.
  • CONTRAST: Enhance patient care and reduce costs by efficiently monitoring and optimizing the usage of contrast agents during medical imaging procedures.
  • CT Repeat: Identify and analyze unnecessary repeated CT scans to improve efficiency, reduce radiation exposure, and optimize resource utilization.
  • MRI Efficiency: Streamline workflow processes and maximize the utilization of MRI scanners to improve patient throughput and productivity.
  • FORMS: Simplify data collection with intelligent digital forms and automated notifications, streamlining administrative processes.
  • US Efficiency: optimize ultrasound machine data to enhance workflow, monitor performance, and increase operational excellence.

We look forward to engaging with you at this event. Join us as we discuss practical strategies for managing patient dose effectively.

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