See you at ECR 2021 ONLINE

03/03/2020 - 10/03/2020

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We are pleased to invite you to meet us at the Online ECR 2021, where we will demonstrate our patient radiation dose management solution - DOSE. It will show you how to ensure patient safety, increase your work efficiency, and achieve high-quality images with the lowest possible dose. Moreover, at ECR 2021, we will introduce a new series of to-the-point demo webinars on different topics. 

Join our demo webinars:

All of the following webinars will be hosted at GMT+1 time zone, with a duration of 15 minutes. 

1. How DOSE helps to easily fulfill the new German radiation legislation.

The advanced dose management system DOSE from Qaelum can help to easily fulfill the new German radiation legislation (StrlSchG and StrlSchV) and reduce the workload significantly.

We, Mar 03, 09:00-09:15

Th, Mar 04, 10:15-10:30

Fr, Mar 05, 11:30-11:45

Sa, Mar 06, 12:45-13:00

Su, Mar 07, 13:15-13:30

Mo, Mar 08, 13:45-14:00

Tu, Mar 09, 16:30-16:45

We, Mar 10, 17:00-17:15

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2. Interventional procedures

Interventional procedures require special attention, as they may lead to high doses. In this webinar, we will show you how DOSE monitors these procedures, performs advanced analysis and notifies the user when the defined dose levels are exceeded.

We, Mar 03, 10:15-10:30

Th, Mar 04, 11:30-11:45

Fr, Mar 05, 12:45-13:00

Sa, Mar 06, 13:15-13:30

Su, Mar 07, 13:45-14:00

Mo, Mar 08, 16:30-16:45

Tu, Mar 09, 17:00-17:15

We, Mar 10, 09:00-09:15

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3. CT Advanced Analysis

Learn how DOSE can help you with your CT examinations: SSDE calculation, patient positioning, blindscan, automated noise analysis and more!

We, Mar 03, 13:45-14:00

Th, Mar 04, 16:30-16:45

Fr, Mar 05, 17:00-17:15

Sa, Mar 06, 09:00-09:15

Su, Mar 07, 10:15-10:30

Mo, Mar 08, 11:30-11:45

Tu, Mar 09, 12:45-13:00

We, Mar 10, 13:15-13:30

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4. General dose management

Learn how DOSE can help you manage patient safety and quality at your imaging department.

We, Mar 03, 11:30-11:45

Th, Mar 04, 12:45-13:00

Fr, Mar 05, 13:15-13:30

Sa, Mar 06, 13:45-14:00

Su, Mar 07, 16:30-16:45

Mo, Mar 08, 17:00-17:15

Tu, Mar 09, 09:00-09:15

We, Mar 10, 10:15-10:30

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5. Reject analysis

Learn how DOSE can help you analyse your rejection rate and review the discarded images.

We, Mar 03, 12:45-13:00

Th, Mar 04, 13:15-13:30

Fr, Mar 05, 13:45-14:00

Sa, Mar 06, 16:30-16:45

Su, Mar 07, 17:00-17:15

Mo, Mar 08, 09:00-09:15

Tu, Mar 09, 10:15-10:30

We, Mar 10, 11:30-11:45

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6. Contrast

Discover the new features that DOSE offers for contrast management.

We, Mar 03, 13:15-13:30

Th, Mar 04, 13:45-14:00

Fr, Mar 05, 16:30-16:45

Sa, Mar 06, 17:00-17:15

Su, Mar 07, 09:00-09:15

Mo, Mar 08, 10:15-10:30

Tu, Mar 09, 11:30-11:45

We, Mar 10, 12:45-13:00

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7. Mammo QC

Learn how you can automate the constancy checking of your digital mammography devices and combine it with continuous patient dose monitoring.

We, Mar 03, 16:30-16:45

Th, Mar 04, 09:00-09:15

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8. Nuclear Medicine

Are you interested to monitor and optimize the Nuclear Medicine examinations? Join this webinar and learn how to easily check compliance with legal requirements, assess individual doses, organize and improve the Nuclear Medicine department, using DOSE.

We, Mar 03, 17:00-17:15

Fr, Mar 05, 09:00-09:15

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9. Forms

Come and see how we help you manage your QC data.

Th, Mar 04, 17:00-17:15

Fr, Mar 05, 10:15-10:30

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10. Compliance

To implement the requirements of Council Directive 2013/59/Euratom, from September 1, 2019 onwards, clinical audits for radiology services that use X-ray applications are mandatory in whole EU. Compliance is a cloud-based solution specifically tailored to help medical imaging facilities with their obligatory clinical audits. It will help the departments to get a “quick-start” with their compliance and as such saving time and lowering the workload. It also contains modules for reporting, defining improvement plans, scheduling reminders, and optionally benchmarking.

Join this webinar to see the actual implementation of the Belgian handbook for clinical audits (B-QUAADRIL).

Sa, Mar 06, 10:15-10:30

We, Mar 10, 16:30-16:45

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No time slot above suits you? Please book a demo with us. 



Do not miss the following presentations at ECR2021 by Qaelum experts


Refresher Courses @ ECR


RC 413-1: Supply and commissioning of an RDMS to meet all your needs
by Niki Fitousi, Qaelum, Leuven / Belgium

1. To understand how to select the right system for each hospital.
2. To learn how data should be validated after being collected.
3. To understand how derived quantities are calculated.


Research Presentation Session @ ECR

RPS 213-5: Primary results of large-scale size-specific dosimetry in chest radiography
by An Dedulle, Qaelum, Leuven / Belgium
March 7, 14:15 - 15:15 CET


RPS 313-5: Influence of spectrum and patient size on dose conversion factors for chest radiography
by An Dedulle, Qaelum, Leuven / Belgium



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